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About our company 

Warren Hughes Ltd are a family run team of skilled designers, joiners, cabinet makers and Fitters who specialise in bespoke wooden products which add individuality to any properties. In our premises in Tiverton, Devon, we have a factory, offices and a showroom with examples of our previous bespoke projects. From here, the team design and build joinery works, kitchens, A-framed buildings and staircases which can be fitted all around the UK. Our products have even been exported and fitted by ourselves into projects overseas like Ibiza, Moscow, America and Belgium. The company has been running from Devon for over 30 years and therefore have an extensive portfolio and appreciate both modern and historic design. We have worked on commercial properties like Aardman Anitmations headquarters in Bristol, the SS Great Britains - Being Brunel museum and office suites in London. We also have helped to create the perfect homes for our clients, from their front door, windows and staircases, to the perfect wine cellar. 

We work in a range of materials and recently a project we took part in sourced beech trees from the clients estate and we cut this on our sawmill and then made a beautiful staircase and table from it. 

We can work with both architects and interior designers, but we also have designers who are ready to begin creating your perfect home. 


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